All about the CoolSculpting machine

CoolSculpting is the world's first Cryolipolysis machine that allows you to permanently get rid of excess fat and fat "traps" with a non-invasive way. With just one hour of treatment, you can achieve the slim, trim figure you've always dreamed of!

Scientists learned about the effect of cold on fat cells back in 1902, but only in 2008 came a clear understanding of the process of cryolipolysis. In 2009, the first prototype of the Zeltiq CoolSculpting machine was invented.

On April 28, 2017, the rights to the CoolSculpting device from Zeltiq were acquired by Allergan Aesthetics.
Coolsculpting by Allergan machine

The essence of CoolSculpting technology

The CoolSculpting procedure consists of a targeted and precise cold treatment of the fat cells in the so-called problem areas of the body. The fat fold is clamped between the applicators of the device and subjected to intense cooling. As a result, up to 25% of the fat cells in it are killed in 1 procedure. The procedure has no harmful effect on the surrounding tissue - muscular, nervous, vascular, etc. In a short time after the procedure the process of natural death of lipocytes (fat cells) begins, which can take up to 4 months. This gradual death of the frozen cells ensures that there are no harmful decomposition products produced by the rapid decomposition of fat, and reduces the risk of side effects to almost zero.
CoolSculpting is conquering the civilized world at a record pace!
The device is undeniably popular among actors, photomodels, politicians, businessmen, and other public figures!

CoolSculpting machine safety

The safety of the procedure is ensured by Freeze Detect® - the cooling panels are equipped with thermistors to measure the temperature of the exposed tissue. If the thermistors register an unexpected temperature deviation, Freeze Detect will immediately stop the procedure and inform you when it is over. CoolSculpting by Zeltiq technology has four FDA approvals and over 10 years of clinical trials. The effectiveness of the technology has been proven by more than 15 million successfully performed procedures.

Types of CoolSculpting Applicators

The manufacturer offers several varieties of applicators with different bowl sizes for targeted treatment of specific areas:
Аппликаторы CoolSculpting
Cool Advantage Plus Applicator
Vacuum applicator (the largest of the vacuum applicators) used to correct pronounced fat deposits in the area of the anterior abdominal wall (abdomen), lateral surfaces of the trunk (waist, sides).
❄ The duration of one cycle is 45 minutes.

Cool Advantage Applicator
Vacuum applicator (medium size) used for correction of medium-intensity fat deposits (medium volume) in the area of front abdominal wall (abdomen), lateral surfaces of trunk (waist, sides), back, inner surface of shoulders, inner surface of thighs, inner surface of knees, Banana roll (berry fold).
❄ The duration of one cycle is 35 minutes.

Cool Advantage Petit applicator
Vacuum applicator (smaller part of Advantage range) for treatment of small fat deposits on the anterior abdominal wall (abdomen), lateral surfaces of the body (waist, sides), back, inner surface of shoulders, inner surface of thighs, inner surface of knees, Banana roll (berry fold).
❄ The duration of one cycle is 35 minutes.

Cool Mini applicator
Vacuum applicator is used for correction of small fat deposits in the submental area (second chin), in the area above the armpits, above the knees.
❄ The duration of one cycle is 45 minutes.

Special attachment - Cool Smooth Pro applicator
Flat applicator (without vacuum) is used for correction of fat deposits in areas where it is impossible to apply a vacuum attachment, such as the outer surface of the thighs (califé).
The nozzle is fixed superficially, and no vacuum is generated.
❄ The duration of one cycle is 75 minutes.
About the Coolsculpting by Allergan machine

Peculiarities of cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is a course method. The number of procedures depends on the volume of problematic areas of the figure and is prescribed by the doctor on an individual basis. The interval between sessions is at least 1 month.

After CoolSculpting treatment, fatty or junk food must be excluded from your diet for several days as it could put additional strain on your liver and kidneys. In addition, it is necessary to drink plenty of water to speed up the process of excretion of products of decay of fatty tissue.

The benefits of cryolipolysis

The effect obtained with CoolSculpting Cryolipolysis is comparable to liposuction. But unlike the latter, it does not require breaking the integrity of the skin and leaves no scars. It allows to do without recovery period and excludes the risk of infection.

A moderate volume of fat is destroyed during 1 session of CoolSculpting, so there is no negative impact on the liver and kidneys, which remove products of adipocyte decay from the body.

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