What is cryolipolysis and why do the procedure on the original equipment

Cryolipolysis by CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

Cryoliposuction - rapid reduction of fat cells in places of their accumulation by exposure to low temperatures
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Zeltiq Cryolipolysis machine
What benefit does it have for the patient?


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Zeltiq - The first cryolipolysis machine to receive FDA and CE certification (American and European control and certification bodies)
У нашій клініці представлена вся лінійка аплікаторів CoolSculpting
Апарат для кріоліполізу
CoolSculpting by Zeltiq
The world's first cryolipolysis machine created in the USA
More than 40 years of clinical experience
More than 30 years of successful use
Effectiveness of the technology
Security of technology

Who Cryolipolysis is suitable for

CoolSculpting is great for both women and men with excessive skin and localized fat deposits
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Localized fat deposits on different parts of the body
Fat traps that don't disappear even with regular exercise and good nutrition
Bringing a beautiful figure to perfection
The need for correction after liposuction (elimination of irregularities)
Results - after the first session, up to 30% of fat cells are eliminated. The most effective and efficient method aimed at losing weight. The first result can be evaluated already in 3 weeks. The final effect is achieved in 2–3 months.

Results of the procedure

This technique gives a complex result:
Fat volume decreases
Improves skin tone and elasticity
Increases bone strength through better absorption of vitamin D

How many Cryolipolysis procedures are needed?

The procedure is considered a one-time treatment, as a good clinical effect is already observed from the first treatment. Depending on the physical parameters and the patient's wishes, additional sessions may be prescribed to improve the result.

The benefits of CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

  • Long-term results of CoolSculpting
    Long term results
    There are clinical studies confirming the persistence of the effect 9 years after the procedure
  • The comfort of cryolipolysis procedure
    The patient does not run the risk of being burned by low temperatures. Sensors are built into the panel that monitor the cooling parameters
  • Cryolipolysis procedure safety
    Only fat cells are affected. Does not affect blood vessels, skin, subcutaneous tissue and other tissues. Approved by FDA (USA) and CE
  • Painlessness of the CoolSculpting procedure
    The treatment is absolutely comfortable and painless. It is thanks to the innovative Cool Advantage manipulators that the cold is only felt at the beginning of the treatment for a few minutes
  • CoolSculpting is fast results
    Quick result
    Up to 30% of fat disappears after the first session
  • Cryolipolysis gives fast results
    No rehabilitation period
    No waiting to enjoy the result
  • Cryolipolysis without anesthesia
    During the procedure, there is no need to damage the skin or traumatize it in any other way, so no anesthesia is used
  • Versatility of the procedure
    The procedure is suitable for patients of different sexes who would like to correct their figure
  • Cryolipolysis has no bad effects
    No non-aesthetic consequences
    The skin does not lose its tone, stretch marks and flabbiness do not appear

Contraindications to CoolSculpting Cryolipolysis

The safety and noninvasiveness of cryolipolysis make it accessible to most people, but there are still some contraindications
Contraindications to CoolSculpting Cryolipolysis
The procedure is not allowed during:
Pregnancy, lactation
Oncological diseases
Inflammatory diseases accompanied by fever
Kidney and liver diseases at the decompensation stage, hepatitis B and C
Cold allergy
Fresh hypertrophic scars and neoplasms, hernias in the procedure area
Violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of the procedure
Fatty layer folds up to 2 cm thick and visceral fat

Price for CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

CoolSculpting Zeltiq NEW
55 min
Extension Cool Advantage Petite
55 min
Extension Cool Advantage Plus
65 min
Extension Cool Mini
55 min
Extension Cool Advantage
95 min
Extension Cool Smooth PRO
Number of cycles
ACTION!!! By the 20th of the current month
3 cycles
CoolSculpting (any extension)
6 cycles
CoolSculpting (any extension)
2 cycles
CoolSculpting (any extension)
4 cycles
CoolSculpting (any extension)
10 cycles
CoolSculpting (any extension)
The procedure is performed once. It is possible to prescribe more procedures depending on the patient's performance and wishes
The specified time is inclusive of consultation time
Consultation - ₴1000
Want to get a Certificate for Zone and Fat Trap Consultation for ₴1000
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